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About Kashmir Dreams...

Kashmir Dreams  is a small family run business based in the stunning Srinagar Valley, Kashmir, India and in Gloucestershire, UK.


Ethical Trading


Kashmir Dreams specialises in providing ethically traded products that showcase the traditional crafts of the Kashmiri people, from Shawls and Jackets to intricately worked Carpets and everything in between.


Shopping with Kashmir Dreams means that you can treat yourself and have a clear conscience as we work closely with Kashmiri families to ensure that our Fair Trade policy is in place.



About Chainstitch Rugs...

Because of the high quality of embroidery used in making Kashmiri Chainstitch Rugs and wall hangings, they are in great demand throughout the world. The Chainstitch used to make the rugs, be it in wool, silk or cotton is done by hook rather than by needle. The hook is referred to as an Aari.


The Chainstitch is worked on white cotton fabric, pre-shrunk by the artisans, making the rugs and wall hangings suitable for washing by hand or machine as they will not shrink or loose their shape.


At Kashmir Dreams, we personally select our rugs from the craftsmen and women of Srinagar, Kashmir, thus ensuring that a fair price is paid.


Chainstitch rugs are a real community affair as they are made in the homes of the artisans rather than in a factory, so whole families can enjoy making a rug whilst catching up on the gossip and partaking in the delightful delicacy of Salt Tea!





Kashmir Dreams

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